Stampeding the final hole of the U.S. Open

So when I posted the first part of this entry, I was still seething at the absurdity of what transpired during the last hour or so of the U.S. Open. My wife and I made it to the “back five” alright, skirting around the back of the 18th green and heading up the hill in […]

Merion proved to be a perfect venue for the toughest test in golf

So contrary to everyone’s predictions,  Merion held up just fine, huh? Some claim scores were so high because the USGA was so worried about players firing record-lows that they decided to set the course up a little more difficult than in other years. I think the scores were so high because the majority of the […]

Like many of the game’s best, I didn’t escape the U.S. Open unscathed

By Nate Oxman

The U.S. Open plucked me, chewed me up for an entire week and finally spit me out the Monday after the final round. But at least I wasn’t the only one, right? Tiger never could figure out the greens and Phil couldn’t figure out how to make par on the easiest hole.
While my […]